mardi 23 septembre 2014

BODHI LINUX n'est pas mort, il a seulement changé de mains... par JEFF HOOGLAND

Bon, ça se confirme...

notre cher Bodhi va continuer sa route et la "release" 3.0.0 devrait probablement voir le jour dans les prochaines semaines...

Bodhi Linux is NOT Dead - It is just Changing Hands

par Jeff Hoogland

A week ago I posted that I was stepping down from my position as doing the primary development work for the Bodhi Linux project. I just wanted to clear the air that this change does not mean that the project is shutting down. In the previous post I ask for folks looking to help and since then I have talked to a number of different people and currently have a few different people working to take over my previous duties.

So let me make one thing clear for worried folks:

Bodhi is not dead and a 3.0 release will be happening still

New timelines are still being figured out and when the new folks working on development have their footing fully underneath them they will be sharing more information I am sure. As for myself, I will still be sparing enough time to the project to field questions the new folks might have and provide insights wherever needed - I just won't directly be doing the heavy lifting any longer.

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