samedi 7 février 2015

BODHI LINUX 3.0.0 | Nouvelle Release Candidate RC3

NEW • Development Release: Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 RC3

Jeff Hoogland has announced the availability of a new development release of Bodhi Linux. The new test release carries UEFI support and is distributed via smaller ISO images thanks to a new compression format. "These discs are smaller than the RC2 discs by a sizable amount due to the implementation of XZ compression. The 64-bit disc is also the first official Bodhi Linux release to have UEFI support built in by default. I had many Chromebook users note the absence of our Chromebook image with the RC2 release and I am happy to announce its return with this third release candidate...The website also contains a brand new wiki that the community is in the process of populating in preparation of our 3.0.0 release. Other updated parts of the website include this brand new blog section as well as an update donations page. If these discs prove to be as solid as I think they are we will have our stable release for Bodhi Linux 3.0.0 on February 20th, 2015." Further information and screenshots are presented in the release announcement. Download: bodhi-3.0.0-64-rc3.iso (613MB, MD5, pkglist).

À signaler le retour du App Center et surtout le fait qu'il est maintenant adapté à Bodhi 3: AppCenter

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